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Payroll is an important business aspect that many are averse to change, but it is worth estimating and it is the best time of year to do it. In case you want to make a change, you should choose our best and effective QuickBooks Payroll Support solution.

Your QuickBooks version will decide what options you have within the Intuit line. There are different payroll products which only work in the QuickBooks desktop version and those only you can do online that you can use in the online or desktop versions.

Then make a decision

Do you really want to make the paychecks manually or report only hours? Here are some important factors to remember:

  • How would enough time it take to complete?
  • Difficulty of your payroll system
  • Staff turnover frequency
  • Your ease level with payroll system

In case you make the paychecks, do you wish to control the tax filings and payments?

  • In case you decide you wish to subcontract the work of tax filings, you can subcontract to our professional bookkeeper or accountants.
  • In case you are planning to outsource the work, how simple will it be to incorporate your payroll data with your QuickBooks?
  • Your resources can even be the main factor. Remember that when you do in-house payroll with our QuickBooks Support, you are saving good amount. Try to contact  for an immediate solution.

Completely Outsource Your Payroll System

Full Payroll Service: You just need to enter the hours for each worker online and we take it directly from there. You can simply import into the PC or QuickBooks Online versions. In case you want job costing, it will have similar limitations as outsourcing to any other payroll service providers. But in case you do not want job costing, we will take a careful look at this option. It is convenient, simple and affordable.

Tax Filings Outsource

Assisted Payroll QuickBooks support: You prepare the paychecks and we take accountability for filing reports and payroll taxes, guarantees accurateness or we will pay the penalties. In case you want job costing, it is our preferred option. You get the information you want for job costing, but you allow us to handle the tax filings.

Basic Payroll QuickBooks System: You prepare the paychecks but will need to physically complete the forms and mail the deposits. We do not suggest this option except you have a professional bookkeeper or accountant doing the needed filing for you.

Online Payroll System – You make the paychecks but will need to physically complete the forms and mail the deposits. We never suggest this except you have professional accountant doing the job for you. In case you want job costing, it is not the best choice for you, but in case you do not, then some like the access and flexibility.

Totally In-house

Improved Payroll System: Prepare the paychecks and control all the needed tax filings; you can also directly e-file from QuickBooks support system. We have different customers who use this. To get hands on this, you want the QuickBooks PC version.

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