Tips you Need to Follow for Invoicing as you Refer QuickBooks Help

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As it’s universally known, the QuickBooks help section can be referred when it comes to managing accounts receivable and generating invoices. In fact, the bookkeeping software helps the business owner to store information related to the accounts in one place. However, QuickBooks doesn’t offer tools to manage the entire process from start till the end. So, here are some practices that can QuickBooks help in making invoicing very much easier and effective like never before.

>> Do make sure that your team sends the invoice on time. In case customers don’t receive the invoices, then they won’t be able to pay for what you have offered to them. Further, if your staff is late in sending the invoice, then this would create confusion and the customer won’t be able to remember the transaction.

>> Make sure that the invoice is clear in every way. The invoice should state the products or services which you have delivered and other details like the payment terms. Don’t forget to include as much data as possible or else, the customer would not know what he would be paying for.

>> See to it that the invoice is readable and is formatted properly. Never send a handwritten copy of the invoice because that might create a different impression in the customer’s mind. If you need to create an invoice the way you had imagined, then it’s always a good idea to use an accounting software like QuickBooks. In case you are having a tough time in making the invoice look presentable, then seek assistance by giving a buzz on the help desk phone number.

>> Always check the billing address before sending the invoice. In case the address is incorrect, then it might get lost or get delivered to another location. Your customer won’t be able to make the payment and you will be solely responsible for committing the mistake. Remember to ask the customer’s representative where the invoice needs to be sent. Such a scenario may arise if some of the details are unclear even after going through the purchase order.

>> Include every bit of information that the customer requires to do so. This would actually help to process the payment as early as possible. While you need to mention the job number or attach approved timesheets and a proof of delivery, the required information differs from customer to customer. So, before moving forward, you should contact the customer and know what the requirements are.

>> As you try to manage accounts associated with your business, you should include a remit to address. If you wish that the customer should pay through check, then it’s necessary to include ‘make check payable to’ along with the entity name.

Finally, include a statement which speaks about a late fee for the balance which has already been due. But, before you mention anything on the invoice, it’s better to speak with a legal advisor to know more about the exact words. Typically the interest rate or the fee percentage is as low as 1 to 1.5 percent and is decided by the concerned professionals. For anything related to a format, contact the team by dialing the QuickBooks Support Phone Number.

Don’t hesitate to contact experts in case you are finding it difficult to generate invoices with the QuickBooks help of the accounting tool.


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